How to Use WebP Images in WordPress

Webp Wordpress

WebP is a new image format that can make your image files smaller and faster loading and help your WordPress website load quicker. We all know that faster websites are … Read more →

How To Fix Slow LCP in WordPress

fix slow lcp wordpress

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) measures how long it takes for a website page to fully load, including elements like images, video thumbnails, forms and paragraph text. LCP makes up one … Read more →

Fastest WordPress Themes in 2021

fastest wordpress themes

I first started putting WordPress themes through speed test hurdles back in 2014 (via here) in an effort to find the fastest WordPress theme out there, whether it was … Read more →

13 Live GeneratePress Premium Theme Examples

Generatepress Premium Examples

GeneratePress Premium is fast becoming one of the most popular independent premium WordPress themes on the market. Currently used on over 150,000 WordPress websites (source: BuiltWith, Jan 2021), GeneratePress Premium … Read more →