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​Why buying an exact match domain (for $500,​300!) is not ​going to help you rank in Google in 2018.

​Get our rundown on cheap WordPress hosting that doesn't suck (spoiler alert: most does).

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​This is Tom. This cartoon makes him look cooler than he actually is. ​He's very good at SEO​ and modest, too. Tweet @tomtheseoguy if you feel lonely.


​This is LJ, our resident WordPress SEO expert. Also an excellent writer, and hates this third person bio crap but is doing it anyway. Sell out. 

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Want to write for us? Cool. I'm sure you really want to share your knowledge with the world and are in no way just interested in acquiring a dofollow backlink from this ​cool website. Jokes aside, we're looking for knowledgeable WordPress and SEO experts who can string a sentence together. Drop Tom a tweet @tomtheseoguy if you're into it.

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