“Kim Kardashian is nothing without facebook” (and 9 more lessons I learned from BuzzSumo)

“Kim Kardashian is nothing without Facebook”.

A bold statement that I’m happy to put my name to thanks to data pulled from BuzzSumo today. For those of you in the SEO/social marketing world who don’t know what BuzzSumo is (why?!) – or for anyone who found this article while looking for Kim Kardashian photos – it’s quite simply an awesome online tool that lets you get social and content stats on just about any site or topic.

Without further ado, here are 10 fun things I now know thanks to the wonder of social analytics:

1. “Kim Kardashian is nothing without Facebook”


Quite simply, the term “Kardashian” got over 14.5 million social mentions over the last 6 months. Almost all of those shares were on Facebook. Without Facebook, the Kardashians are just regular people like you and me, and we would totally “Keep Up” with them (if not overtake).

P.S. I know which network I’ll be avoiding in the near future…

2. “Food porn is more popular than actual porn”


Ok, that’s not entirely true, but according to the stats, the food porn website FDPRN.com gets more shares for the word “porn” than any other site. So people don’t tweet YouPorn much, huh? I wonder why….


There’s that pesky Kardashian again…

3. “Love is more popular than hate”



In social media, love really does conquer all (even Kim Kardashian). Articles with the word “love” in the title got over 9 times more shares than articles using the word “hate”. Maybe there is some good in the (online) world after all…

4. “Bing gets more shares than Google”


A LOT more. Maybe Google should try creating some quality content. Practice what you preach, guys.

5. “Everybody loves cats”


More than the word “love”, even.

I can see why.

6. “Wikipedia has a humourous side”


Who knew there was such a popular page on toast sandwiches, or one titled “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo“?

7. “Followers < PA”


PA (Page Authority) is one of MOZ’s domain authority metrics. The higher the figure, the more ‘quality’ backlinks a page has. Looks like Twitter followers do not equal good backlinks.

Journalists tend to get better PA on their Twitter profiles, thanks to the backlinks they get from established news sites etc:


8. “People share Christmas articles in the summer”


I can’t think why anyone would share (or write) a Christmas article in June, July or August, but apparently people seem to like it.


9. “Black Friday is more popular on a Tuesday”



And a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday too.

10. “Clickbait is alive and well”


After all, you’re reading this…

That’s all folks! What do you think about these BuzzSumo facts? Have you discovered anything else? Hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment.