Search Landscape

search engines

From SES NYC 2005 | Return to Table of Contents Search Landscape primarily discusses many of the statistics and figures surrounding the search engine world. Presenters are talking mostly about … Read more →

Searcher Behavior

search behaviour

From SES NYC 2005 | Return to Table of Contents This session focused on what searchers did during their sessions online and how their actions can lead to better targeting … Read more →

Competitive Research


Competitive Research From SES NYC 2005 | Return to Table of Contents The competitive research session is on the subject of how to seek out your competitors’ listings, understand their … Read more →

MSN’s Beta Search vs. Yahoo! & Google


Anaylsis of Results Microsoft’s beta release of their new search engine prompted several fast reviews on the web by diverse organizations, from the BBC Online, to Search Engine Journal. The … Read more →

Google vs. Yahoo! Results

yahoo 2004

The following chart diagrams 4 searches performed identically at Google and Yahoo!. Details on how specific information for each column was obtained are listed below: AncPos – The position of … Read more →

Fuzzy Set Theory & Semantic Connectivity


Semantic connectivity is used by the search engines to build their own ‘Thesaurus’ and ‘Dictionary’ to help them to determine how certain terms & topics are related. By simply scanning … Read more →